Seed planting

Showers and Sunflowers

Well here it is, my first blog entry, - i'm setting this up, so i've got a record of what I do in my gardens and in my clients gardens. This has been a good gardening weekend, in amongst the showers of rain, - i've finally planted my Raspberries, (Glen Clova and Autumn Bliss) which I bought before Christmas, before we had the major house renovations, - I'm glad to say that they all seem to be sprouting fine. William helped me, and enjoyed soaking the roots in his Wheelbarrow before planting. - he then stood there in the middle of the vegetable plot and asked me " mummy can you teach me to be a gardener?" - heartwarming stuff from my four year old, and enough to send me off to Wisley to get a pair of Childrens gardening gloves, and a mini spade (which he used to practice spreading about the pile of gravel at the front meant for the drive when we've finished the edging!). We then laid out the spaces for the raised beds that will be arriving in the next couple of days from Harrold Horticulture, worked out which Vegetable Seeds and plants we wanted to sow next weekend, - Carrots for William, Brussel sprouts for Ashley and organic Beetroot and Rocket for me, plus the potatos that have been chitting in the playroom, - It had better be good weather next weekend or else! We were going to plant the Suttons "The great sunflower race" seeds this afternoon, but rain and the fact that William wants his friend Sam as his opponent not me, means we'll do those tomorrow now.  He wants them on his window sill, so i've got a window sill propagator for that purpose, - we'll see how he gets on!


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