Rain Rain go away.
Malvern Spring Show

Everything's growing

Wow it's May and everything is growing, and I havn't had time to sit at my computer for days, - We had a busy week, the rain went away, and the sun shone, so Jamie was busy laying turf, which has needed watering every day.
- If you have a new lawn, you need to soak it to encourage root growth in hot weather, so a sprinkler on a low setting, particularly at the edges is needed. - Once the lawn is established, it won't need watering at all, so don't feel guilty about giving it a good soaking now.
Kim and I finished a planting a border planned for a party this weekend.  The weather has done us proud, and the Aqueligias, Dicentras, Alliums and Viburnum plicatum were all at their best.
We also planted a raised herb bed, (raised to dog proof it we hope), and spent the rest of the time attacking more Ground Elder. and other weeds.


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