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I know i've written about this quite a lot, but i'm loving having my own space to grow fruit and vegetables.  A question I got asked this week, is - "where should I buy vegetable plants from", - here's my answer

A lot of Garden centres have veg plants now, - my advice is to only get those with moist soil, with tomato plants and courgette plants you want strong plants that can stand up on their own when got out of the tray,

All of the plant centres will get the same quality plants, so you want to get them as fresh as possible, - take them off trolleys if necessary, - best days of the week to look for them are Thursday and Friday as that will be fresh stock from the nursery, - don’t shop for veg plants on Sunday or Monday, particularly if the weather has been hot!

i'm off out to plant out my tomatos, so there had better not be a late frost this week!


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