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Keep it Neat and Tidy but don't disturb the wildlife

As well as doing a planting project today, (under a beech tree, so dry shade) Jamie got a new gadget today in the form of an updated Stil petrol hedgetrimmer. This means that we can now do hedge renovations as well as trimming, as the power is greater.  This time of the year all the hedges are growing and need regular pruning, but beware of birds nests and animals hiding in these wildlife sanctuarys.  If you have  Privet (ligustrum) or Lonicera (shrubby honey suckle) you are unlikely to disturb birds, Coniferous hedges are usually too thick for nesting. But if you have Beech, Hornbeam or Hawthorn hedges, do one last cut in the next week and then leave it until late August when any fledglings have flown.  If you do find a nest, - don't touch it, and try and leave it undisturbed. At Wisley I remember a customer order tree that had been left a couple of weeks and then couldn't be collected for several months as a bird had built a nest!


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