Love your Lawn part 1
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Love your lawn part 2

So now, you know which lawnmower to use for your patch of green, How do you go about mowing your lawn?, - how do you get stripes and are they worth it?

Well before you get your lawnmower started, you need to do a visual inspection of the lawn, - any stones, bark, and debris such as tree clutter, needs to be cleared for safety reasons, - the blade of the lawn mower will be spinning very fast and can spray out debris with a high speed, which is why after getting cut ankles, I wear long trousers while mowing.
When you are sure that the lawn is clear, set your mower for the appropriate cutting height, - if your grass is long, then put it on a high cut to start with and then move it down.  The lowest cutting heights should only be used in Summer if drought isn't a problem on a fine lawn.  Anything else needs a mid height setting.
The first mowing step is to go around the outside of the main lawn area. This is to create a turning edge when you are mowing up and down.  If your lawn mower is less than 45cm in cutting width, you may need to do 2 passes round the outside of the garden to get a big enough strip. This also enables you to check that you have the right cutting height and aren't scalping the lawn. (very obvious if you set off across the middle for your first line of cutting!) Then you can start to work your way up and down in rows.  Even if your mower hasn't got a roller, this will create stripes in the lawn as the grass is pushed one way or another. - (Don't forget this if you want to get to an uncut piece of lawn, - if you push your mower across a cut patch of grass, that will be the last stripe, and so the most obvious! )You should be aiming to put a wheel of your mower over the edge of the last stripe to ensure none is missed.
 If you have a grass box, empty it regularly to ensure that the mower blades can move freely.
To finish strim or use shears to edge the lawn.
Now you can sit back and admire your english garden lawn.
It may take a little while, but a properly cut lawn makes a garden look great.


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