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Love your lawn part 2

Love your Lawn part 1

We love our lawns in this country, and May is the peak time for growth, and with the sun and rain we've had recently, there has been a lot of grass growth around over the last couple of weeks. I've seen a lot of Green Swards over the last few weeks that don't look quite as they should so I thought i'd write about how to get the best from your lawn
part 1, - Choose your lawnmower
The main questions to ask are
How big is your grassed area?
How long do you want to spend mowing it?
What kind of finish do you want?
your options for lawnmowers are 2 main types,
Cylinder, - this is where there are between 5 & 9 blades arranged on a cylinder, that goes round and cuts against a bottom plate, - cutting like scissors, and giving the finest cut. -
These machines can be either hand pushed, electric or petrol and should be used if you want an excellent finish, and if you have a flat lawn with no lumps.
Rotary - this is where you have a blade that turns from a centrally held point, and cuts the grass at high speed. Electrically or petrol driven, these can either be wheeled mowers, or can be hover mowers, where an air cushion lifts them off the ground. - Rotary are best for larger utility areas, and the hover mowers can cope with more bumps in the lawn and steeper banks than wheeled mowers. - Ride on mowers are almost all Rotary mowers until you get to golf course type machines.
So which one should you pick?
At my last house, where we made the lawn on a raised area, and it was only 5m square, I used an electric Cylinder mower, - At each side of the lawn there was an edging, which made it easier to turn the machine around and create stripes.
My new lawn is on a slight slope, it is rougher grass, and is a larger area, - i'm now using a Petrol mountfield Rotary mower, with grass collection box, but no roller, - that would make it too heavy for me to turn.  I've also got a patch of roadside verge, so at some point i'll need to get a hover mower. My Neighbour has gone for a rechargable electric lawnmower for her verge, - easier to start than a petrol version, - I need to borrow it to find out how good they are, - anyone else used one?


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