Malvern Spring Show
Love your Lawn part 1

Summer Patio Colour and Scent

i've got a new patio this year, thanks to Mike and the team from Merrow Landscapes, so i'm on the look out for new pots and things to fill them.  My favourites so far this week are, -
Ivy Leaved Geraniums, - there are some wonderful new deep Carmine red varieties.
Oesteospernum, - many shades of white, pink and purple, but my colour of the week is a terracotta
Lotus - now i've planted this one several times, but not managed to get it to flower, - while the foliage is a lovely soft feathery silver, and so worth it on its own, the flowers are orange and red.
I've teamed the Oestespernum and Lotus in a pot as underplanting for an Olive. It gave a great effect, so it's one i'm going to repeat.
i've also decided to use an old barrel that I had as a planter for herbs, - this has been used as a mini pond, and for various bean and sweet pea tepees over the years, but i'm going to use it near to the kitchen door for my most used herbs, - Rosemary (which i'll keep well trimmed) Parsley, Chives and Thyme.


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