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Blooming Bindweed

June is the month for a few leaves of bindweed to become a flowering invasion.  While the white convolvulus family flowers may look pretty from a train window, if you have bindweed in your garden, it can climb and strangle your precious plants and make a complete nuisance of itself.  The solution, is to let it do what it does best, - climb.
When you find a patch of bindweed, stick in a bamboo cane next to it, - this will encourage it to grow up the cane rather than twist itself around your plants,- when you have a cane full of green twining leaves (and probably some flowers as well) that is the time to bring in the chemicals. - The great thing about this is that you can use a spot weedkiller such as Roundup or the new to the market foam systemic weedkillers, which mean that your bindweed takes a concentrated dose of killer back to its roots, but you don't spray it onto anything else in the vicinity, making sure that you use less chemical and that there is no residue in the soil.  Within a week, the cane should have a not so attractive swath of dead leaves on it, and your plants will be safe for strangulation for another season.


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