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Hanging basket watering

if you are like me, and hang up your baskets by your front door, and then watch them whither as the summer goes by and every time you open the front door with hands full of shopping, work bags and kids packed lunch boxes, you think "I must water that" only for it to completely pop out of your head the moment you cross the threshold, here is my top tip for watering.
It involves milk bottles, - either the delivered by the milkman glass type, or the plastic bottles in 1, 2 or 4 pt type. When you go to rinse it out, to recycle in either your plastic council box, or to put by the front door for the milkman to collect, - don't take it to your recycling point empty, -fill it again and use that water for your hanging baskets, - A hanging basket in a usual summer week (i'e not drought conditions) will keep looking fresh with 3 to 4 pints of water a week.  If it does completly dry out, take it down and soak it in a washing up bowl for half an hour to rehydrate it, and then you back to your milk bottle rounds!


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