Bugs that eat bugs
Powdery Mildew makes an summer appearance

it's official, Slugs hate Cereal

This week i've read the second report in 2 years that says that the cheapest and most effective slug repellant is - BRAN, - Grow your Own magazine have done a similar test to that done by the Gardeners World programme, which left lettuces to the mercy of slugs and gave each a different level of protection. The lettuces surrounded by the humble breakfast cereal priced at 92p a bag were virtually untouched, - the only other repellant giving the same level of protection was a copper "shocka" mat, at £6.45 a strip - which produces Lettuces with a Waitrose price tag.  I wish i'd read the report a week earlier as the lovely lettuce seedlings given to me by a friend and set to replace the row that i'd just finished using were all munched upon last week.  i'll be off to the health food shop on my return from Holiday to get in my slug bait.!


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