Clematis providing a star turn
Keeping everything colourful

Pollen count through the roof

This week has been a dreadful one if you've got hayfever, the continued hot weather, and all kind of irritants flowering has set off bad reactions in a lot of gardeners I know, including Jamie and myself.  So how do you protect yourself against a high dose of pollen.  Well, - i'm not a doctor, so i'm not going to talk about cures, but prevention, in the form of taking out or reducing the flowers with pollen that affect you is a really good idea.  If you get affected at some times of the year and not others, then make a note, if you go to a friends garden and all of a sudden your eyes are streaming, then it could well be that there are several specific types of pollen that you have a reaction to. - For me this is Ligustrum or common privet. - i've got lots of this in my new garden, but  i've alleviated the problem here, because it's in the form of a hedge, so regular pruning will mean it doesn't flower and affect me.  If you've got a particular plant that effects you, let me know, or ask me to identify what it is, so you can work out how to avoid it.


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