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November 2008

Winter weevil

Vineweevil grubs

Warning. It may be November, but i've found several vine weevil grubs this week, for those of you not familiar with this now very prevalent pest,  The grubs are more of a pest than their beetle like parents as they feed on roots of plants, and usually the first sign of them is that the plants wither, and you discover it has no roots left.  I've found that Heucheras and Agapanthus are particularly  susceptible to this. Plants from most garden centres should have been grown in a compost drenched in a chemical which keeps the vine weevil at bay, - so if you find them in newly bought plants, - take them back, you don't want to introduce this to your garden.  If you do find your perennials under attack, then the only winter solution is Bio Provado chemical. During next years growing season, you can use nemotodes to help ward off an attack.