Winter weevil
Overwintering Passion Flowers

Cold Feet

Well I can tell it's December because my feet have been cold inside my wellies for the last 2 days, - even 2 pairs of socks havn't helped much (and they make my boots tight), so i've put some Goat socks on my christmas list.  I've been hearing lots about these, - they are made of goat mohair, and are very warm, and don't smell, which is just as well because at £10 a pair, I won't be getting one for each day of the week, - i'll let you know if they work.
My hands have also needed some extra help to warm up, so i've got out my skiing gel packs.  These are a plastic pack which when activated by clicking the metal disc in them swell up with hot gel to slip inside your mitts. Just the thing for a mornings gardening, even when you need 7 layers of clothing.


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