Clearing up the leaves
Growing Veg, - part one the inspiration

Early Celandine appearance

When you spend a lot of time weeding, like I do, you find a pattern to the year in weeds, but this week, the normal timing has been broken, as i've found 3 gardens with Lesser Celandine taking hold. This yellow flowered weed which is in the buttercup family and has a latin name of Ranunculus Ficaria, is usually one of my problem weeds in February, but with a particularly wet season behind us, the rosettes of heart shaped leaves are appearing already in shady borders.  Like Oxalis, this is a real pain to hand weed out, as it has clusters of little bulbils, usually hiding a good inch down into the soil, and if they get broken off (and there are usually 8-10 on one plant) then you get another plant. Luckily, unlike if it appears in February and March, at this time of year you can dig down gently to get out as much root as possible, as other weed seeds arn't likely to germinate this month from the disturbed soil.


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