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Growing Veg, - part one the inspiration

I don't know if it's the credit crunch, or people wanting better tasting vegetable, or just if it's more fashionable, but lots more people are starting to want to grow vegetables.

I've only just this year got a big enough garden for a veg plot, but I have grown veg ever since I left college, on an allotment when we had a flat, and in containers and a raised bed when we were in Guildford, and although I haven't been able to get to self sufficiency, the ability to have fresh garden picked veg with Sunday lunch in the summer, and to be able to eat tomatoes and lettuce and radish that I've grown myself is immensely rewarding.

Growing veg is a huge subject, so i'm sure i'll come back to it lots in my blogs over the coming year, but for those that want to add some winter reading to their Christmas lists, these are my inspiration suggestions

The Vegetable Expert  - Dr Hessayon
For the complete beginner this is the first book to get.  This has been updated since my version as the Vegetable and Herb expert, - but the edition that I have is on sale on Amazon for 1p !!!

The Great Vegetable Plot by Sarah Raven, - ISBN 0-563-48817-4
This is a great book with lovely clear photos which explains how to grow things that you can't buy in the shops, or that you can get when they are not available in the shops

Grow your own veg - Carol Klein, - the book to go with last years TV series, easy to follow and features lots of information about setting up your plot. 

The Seed Catalogues from
Franchi Seeds, http://www.seedsofitaly.co.uk/
Simpsons seeds http://www.simpsonsseeds.co.uk/
Thompson and Morgan
are always a good read.

Have fun, and remember, Vegetables from the garden don't look or taste like those in the shops, they're better! - have fun.


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