Growing Veg, - part one the inspiration
Recycling Christmas Trees

After Christmas Houseplant care.


Did you buy yourself, or get given a Poinsettia or Cyclamen to decorate the house during the festive season? 
Poinsettias and Cyclamen actually like opposite conditions, so the first way to keep them looking better for longer is to split them up.
Cyclamen like it cool and dry, - a kitchen window sill or a porch is good for them, and don't water them from the top as that could cause botrytis on the flower and leaf stems. Deadhead them regularly, and then when they have finally finished flowering, leave them to dry out.  Over the summer you can ignore them (just don't let them shrivel up in the sun) and then you can plant them up again in late August/September and start watering them just as the temperatures start to cool, - they are fairly easy to get to flower again, but the plants won't be as tidy as the first year.
for more care instuctions click here

Poinsettias like it hot and humid, - so a living room standing over a saucer of water is a good place for these.  Poinsettias are from jungle conditions, and grow to be tree size in their natural habitat, - they are given growth inhibitors when propagated here, and the method to get them to recolour next year is difficult and requires altering light conditions, so my suggestion is to compost your Poinsettia, and enjoy another one next year, - for instructions for recolouring click here  


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