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Mucky Manure

I'd just like to draw your attention to a problem that may get worse before it gets better, - no not the credit crunch/recession, but the mucky issue of Weedkiller in composted manure.  Since the autumn, reports have been building of crops and plants being badly affected across the country by manure contaminated by aminopyralid. This is a weedkiller used a couple of years ago on farm land, which has got into the food chain, and is now "on the loose" in manures.  Because of the bad growing season last summer, a lot of people had put their crop failures down to other reasons, but are now realising that their symptoms of ferny foliage and shrivelled leaves, particularly in tomatos, potatoes, beans, but also Roses and some herbaceous plants is down to a chemical. Having read quite a lot on blogs and websites in the last week, I have to say that my usual advice to condition soil and mulch hungry plants with a country natural organic manure, will be changed this year, and top soil and home made compost will be a lot more important. to read the RHS advicce sheet put on the internet recently click here


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