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I think that you can tell how good a retail company is by not only how good their products are, but by how they cope when there is a complaint.

I wrote on this blog a few weeks ago that i'd asked for goat socks for Christmas.  My Sister acting on my advice, ordered them online from Wiggly wrigglers.  She then had a computer crash crisis in the week before christmas, and only realised on the 23rd Dec that they hadn't actually arrived, she phoned and was told that they had been dispatched the week before, and hopefully would be with her in the morning, and if they didn't arrive, to please get back to them. - Well Christmas eve came and went without goat socks, so i didn't get a present to open (although William would have had to open them for me anyway!) Louise got back to them by email on the Saturday after new year to confirm that they hadn't arrived, On Monday she received an apologetic email, and the socks were resent, - directly to me this time, and they arrived on Wednesday. So unfortunatly 4 weeks after being ordered, I do have goat socks and  I've been very grateful for the extra warmth this week. Even in my wellies, kneeling down weeding, my feet were just cold, not blocks of ice, and when i've been walking around in my regular boots, my feet have been toastie, i've found that they work best worn as normal socks next to the skin, not as an over socks like hiking socks.
Thanks Lou.


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