Can I still plant spring flowering bulbs now?
Bulbs - lots of green growth but no flowers

Carpets of Snowdrops

This week has seen the first of the spring bulbs in full bloom.  Snowdrops as an real galanthophile will tell you come in many different varieties, but I have to be honest that to me the common snowdrop (galanthus nivalis) on mass beats any fancy flower with yellow of green petal patterns, so this week it's important that you note and maybe mark the biggest clumps of your snowdrops. - I know they look great now, but in a couple of weeks time, they will just be green floppy leaves getting hidden by everything else that is growing away, and that is when you want to know where they are, so that you can split and propagate each large clump into 4 or 5 sections (not individual bulbs) to give you even more of a carpet next year. - Check that any large clumps hidden under hedgerows or behind bushes are noted, so that you can give them pride of place for next year.


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