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Back in the fresh air

Hellebore flowers, spring joy

When I worked at Wisley, the Hellebore specialist weekend, was billed as Hellebore Heaven.  The Staff christened it Hellebore Hell, as we had so many Hellebore enthusiasts descend on the plant centre, it made the day a little hectic!

Now I no longer have to worry about how many members of staff are needed to advise about growing and showing these spring beauties, i've really come to appreciate why so many gardeners pack out the specialist events that happen across the country at a cold and stark time of year.  I have to admit to having quite a few Hellebores in my garden now, and i've used them as early season cheer in a lot of borders that i've planted. The variety of types of flowers are amazing and with new types being bred each year, and their ability to thrive in shady woodland borders meaning that they are suited to a lot of gardens.            
The other plus point is that their flowers look lovely when floated on a bowl of water.

Floating hellebores


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