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Bulbs - lots of green growth but no flowers

Over the next few weeks, the bulb displays are likely to be stunning, as all the cold weather over the winter will have reset the bulbs timeclocks, and they'll all know when to come out at the same time.  So if you've got a clumps of greenery that has no flowers at all, - what do you do?

This is know as bulbs being "blind", and can be for several reasons,
1) if the bulbs weren't planted deep enough, - and maybe dried out in the summer
2) if the bulbs had all their foliage removed before it had died down naturally, thereby depriving it of food to grow the bulb for this years flowering
3)if the bulb is multiplying and creating small bulbs (bulblets) that aren't large enough to flower

The third one was what had happened in the garden I was in this morning, - there were huge clumps of Muscari leaves, with a few tiny flowers poking through, but on taking them out, I discovered hundreds of tiny bulblets, which wouldn't be big enough to flower for a couple of years.  This has probably happened because the soil is fairly dry and sandy (it's under a tree), and may also be because we fed the soil last year for the other plants in the bed, - which may have encouraged new bulb development rather than bulb growth for planting, - we've solved the issue by removing them, and we'll plant more of the mini narsissus, which are already doing well in that bed.


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