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April is a great time of year to feed all your trees, shrubs and plants, especially in the Guildford area as the soil is generally lacking in nutrients rather than overflowing with them.

All Plants need feeding with different types of food depending on what they are trying to do at that point in the year and most fertilisers have an NPK ratio to let you know what proportion of each is in them.

Nitrogen is a fertiliser that encourages leaf growth, - lawn fertilisers for instance are high nitrogen.

Phosphorus is a fertiliser that encourages cell growth so will give healthy roots

Potassium (K) is a fertiliser that encourages fruit and flower production - think tomato food

A multi purpose feed like miracle gro or something like Vitax Q4 will have a fairly balanced mix,

They are produced in different forms, so you need to work out if it is easier for you to dissolve a plant food and water on, or if you prefer a pelleted / granular form  which is added to the soil around plants lightly forked in, and watered in if rain isn’t expected in the next couple of days. 

It is advisable to always water after liquid feed has been applied to plants so that the nutrients are evenly dispersed.

I use the diluted leachate from my wormery as organic plant food, or you can buy lots of organic alternatives now if you don't like putting chemicals on your garden.

As your bulbs finish flowering feed them to ensure strong root growth for flowers next year.


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