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Veg plot growing for April

I've had a very busy day today meeting lots of new people, - A consultation this morning and then a speed networking event at lunch time, and a common theme of a lot of my conversations has been Herbs and Vegetables, and what should you be planting now.
This week in my veg plot i've been
Sowing more french beans and peas in guttering to go out in 3-4 weeks when they've germinated, sowing my runner beans scarlet emporer around a teepee or bamboo canes, - 2 seeds to each cane, - but just in case i've done it a bit early, and they get frosted when they come up in a couple of weeks i've sown some in pots as well, - i've planted up more potato bags with my chitted 2nd earlies, - sown another row of beetroot, rocket, coriander and radish to take over when the ones i sowed in early march are finished.  I also planted seeds of cucumber, courgette and butternut squash in pots last week, - the cucumbers have germinated, but it's still too cold in my unheated greenhouse for the courgette and squash to be peeping above the surface yet.  I've also taken out the last of my Mizuna, which was my overwintering spicy lettuce leaves, - they've become very harsh in taste now the weather has warmed up, so i'll sow seeds again in Sep / October for next winter, and rocket will take over from it now.  I've also sown more of the Franchi (seeds of italy) lettuce seeds that are cut and come again,- these are my absolute favourite and only take about 5 weeks until you can eat them at this time of year - Bis de lattughe is the variety I use, and I would highly recommend the Franchi seeds as very good value for money and tasty - click here for their website i've also watered and fed my strawberries to ensure I get early crops, and now my blueberries are flowering, I need to find some netting for them as the birds got all my blueberries last year, - wow when did I find time to do any gardening for my clients......


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