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What to do with Bindweed.

It's almost May and bindweed is starting to rear up and encircle unwitting plants. I've always had a loathing for bindweed, not least because I thought you had to use chemicals to get rid of it effectively, but last year I had 2 notable successes with areas of bindweed attacked by hand weeding at the right time, and as it's been raining lots today, the next few days will be a very good time to prise out the roots and get on top of this horror.


What I found was that if you use a trowel to get underneath the growth and loosen the ground, and then pull gently, (rather than tugging which breaks off the stem at ground level) you can get up to a foot of fat white root out of the ground. The next week or two before it has got a major stranglehold on any of your precious shrubs is a good time to be hunting it down.

If you miss this window, then it's back to the chemical onslaught, so get your bindweed to grow up some cunningly placed canes, and then you can spray it with a systemic weedkiller


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I hate weeds. I'm not quite sure what function they have in the ecosystem, but i have heard that some of them can be used as a type of herbal supplement. Who knows, if you can find a use for this stuff, you could have a million dollars just growing in your garden.

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