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Harvesting rainwater to improve your garden

We've had a water meter installed in the last week. We opted for it as we're sure that our water bill will be less, but it does focus the mind on not wasting water.  This week i've installed another 2 waterbutts, and there are 2 more on the way.

i've always used water butts, - even on my 6' x 4' shed at the last house, we managed to fit guttering to fill a space saver waterbutt from one side. However this morning crystalized how much water we can harvest, - my 200 litre plastic water butt, bought as a buy one get one half price deal and delivered and installed on Sunday is now full to overflowing with one nights rainfall falling on our porch roof.  This is plenty to water all my front garden plants for the next week or so, and it means that I need to think about a larger tank there, or connecting several in tandom.

Some water companies are currently doing very good deals, or even giving basic butts away for free, - if you'd like something a bit more stylish, there are plenty of oak barrels or italiante urns available, - my advice would be to buy online, - delivery is almost always included.

Most plants prefer rainwater rather than tap water, because it doesn't include any chlorine or limescale additives, - Most of Surrey has hard water, so limescale can also cause white marks on plant leaves, -

I just need to buy a couple more watering cans now, (that don't have handles on the back so that they fit under the tap, so that one can be filling while i'm watering with the other. This summer i'm going to save my hosepipe, and use my butt!


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