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It's at this time of year, when everything is growing at full pelt and we've had a couple of of weeks of dry weather, with the showers not properly wetting the ground and the waterbutts not filling, that we discover that the hosepipe gets more water on the patio, than out of the end of the hose on to your plants.  If this is a problem for you as well, see if these steps can help you get leak free watering.

Check any plastic fittings, - these have often cracked, particularly after our cold winter, and could be where the water is trying to escape. Hozelock are the market leader in hose pipe fitting, and their hose end fittings now have have an optional bendy end to help pipes move around corners without putting them under undue pressure - Hozelock Aqua stop connector 2055

Check that the hose is tightly gripped in the hose end connector, - the hoses tend to stretch over the space of a year, - so cut off several centimetres from the end of the hose and refit.

Clean out your lance or spray gun, - these may be leaking because they are blocked with mud, weeds or sorse... - slugs!

Look for any pin holes in the hose where water is escaping, - these can usually be fixed successfully for at least a year with electrical tape.

Hopefully checking all of these will get the water to your plants so that they can benefit, and keep you dry while you're giving them a drink.


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