What's eating my Rosemary?
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Bugs and Pests and how to get rid of them

The warm humid weather of the last few weeks has been a fantastic breeding ground for bugs of all sorts, - i've watched from my study window as Caterpillars have eaten my Roses, and i've found Aphids, Slugs, Rosemary beetles, Cuckoo spit and chafer bugs in clients garden this week alone.

Cuckoospit Most of these pests could be got rid of with chemicals, although Rosemary beetles and Cuckoo spit froghoppers don't have anything especially for them, but I feel that often that's too harsh a solution and besides, what if the problem is on your fruit and veg.  That's why i've been using Natural methods (picking of the bugs or blasting them off with a water jet) or Predators, - bugs that eat bugs.

These are available for all kinds of pests, and are often available from garden centres as well as online.  i've tried the vine weevil nematode nematode (steinernema kraussei) which is sent in a soil like pack that you mix with water and water onto your pots or plants, The Red Spider mite predator (phytoseiulus persimilis) is provided in a test tube of vermiculite, and you shake the bugs out onto your plants (usually in a greenhouse) - Nematodes_tips The other one i've used reguarly is Encarsia formosa which get rid of Whitefly, and Ladybird pupae which are great for aphids. (I used them with great success on my cordon apple trees in my Guildford garden)  I havn't used the slug predator yet (phasmarhabditis hermaphrodita), but after the rain that is pouring outside my window, I may need that this week.


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