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Oh no not another fruit post, but it is the time of year to make more strawberry plants, so let me show you how.
my strawberry plants fed my son well this year, (and I got the occasional berry) but most of them have now decided to reproduce by putting out "runners" which are mini plants, which are still joined to the main plant. 

Each runner will root when it hits the ground (or the lawn in the case of some of mine), - but if you fool them into thinking a pot of compost is the ground, then you have ready rooted strawberry plants ready to move on in about a months time. - This is how i've done mine.

When they've rooted fully, I  will prune the runner stem from the main plant, so it isn't putting more energy into growing, and when I planted these up, I removed any additional runners (they had quite a few) as that will sap the plant strength.

What I tend to do is only use my strawberry plants for 2 years, and then replace them with new plants grown from runners, by doing it this way, you can ensure that you get young vigorous plants and your plants are rooted by September so they have time to grow before it gets too cold. This gives them the best possible start next season when you plant them into the ground.

I try not to use little 9cm pots, but use a larger 1 or 2 litre pot as I find them easier to water.

Here's hoping I get a few more berries next year. (maybe a hanging basket my little one can't reach)


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Nice post!

Propagate to accumulate!!


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