Watering while you're on holiday
Sweet peas, scent and colour and easy to grow

Reviewing my garden, post holiday

i've just got back from 2 weeks in Normandy France. A great holiday with 2 weeks of watching my son

playing on the beach, having lie-in's and eating & drinking far to much.  While i've been away, my garden has been growing well, thanks to more rain in England than in France, and the help of Mum & Dad and neighbours on watering the greenhouse. So after a leisurely stroll round my back garden here are my highlights, and thoughts for moving on.

The Blueberries are nearly ready to pick, but only the ones that are covered in netting. The pot that got left out had been stripped bare by the birds


My apple tree is groaning under the weight of the fruit, - I should have been a bit more judicious on my thinning at the end of June, - it is also showing signs of codling moth in some of the apples, so i'll have to use those for juicing and buy some traps to hang in the tree.


My Velvet Queen Sunflowers are starting to look good, and the sweet peas are finally growing, although both could do with more support.

Which the Runner beans could also do with more of, as my home grown hazel poles arn't strong enough for my lovely beans

But I have got some great tomatoes coming, - just need to take out all the overgrown side shoots and keep feeding them so I can show them at the Horticultural show in September.

I've blown hopes of my fuschia doing well in the Autumn show, as that didn't get enough water while I was away, and i'll be kept busy tomorrow with lawn mowing and weeding, but generally i'm pleased with the progress in my absence.


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