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Sweet peas, scent and colour and easy to grow

I wish this blog had a scent feature, because this bunch of Sweet peas was a gorgeous perfume.  They were picked today while I was watering a clients garden. 4 weeks ago, the same client had emailed me to ask what they were doing wrong as their sweet peas weren't growing!

Sweet pea teepee  

These sweet peas were bought as pot grown seedlings, and planted out into a large terracotta pot (14" ) in a sieved homemade compost. We supported them with a teepee of canes, the same as you might grow runner beans up. They were planted up at the beginning of June, and didn't grow away very fast (hence the email) but I suggested patience and regular watering, and they are now reaping rewards.

Sweet peas benefit from being picked regularly, so make sure you go out and pick a bunch every couple of days. Picking/ dead heading and regular watering are the 2 main requirements,- a bit of tomato or worm food will help as well, but if you follow these, there should be a long period of scented sweet peas to grace your windowsills and tables.


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