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Warm Chickpea salad (original recipe from BBC Goodfood magazine, but i've amended it for me)

This is one of my favourite recipe's for using August vegetable garden harvests. This evening, I used yellow courgette, Cherry tomatoes, and 6 types of herbs (2 x mint, thyme, Parsley, Rosemary and Chives) from the garden. plus pepper and onions (mine have been hopeless this year!)

The full ingredient list is
Lots of vegetables to be roasted, choose from Courgettes, Peppers, Onions, Tomatoes, Aubergines, Garlic.
Lots of fresh chopped herbs - whatever works for you, I love to include mint and rosemary, but when it's chopped it needs to be a good handful
Tin of Chickpeas (per 2 people)
Feta Cheese, - I use 50g per person
Lemon and or Lime Juice
Olive oil

Toss the chopped Veggies in olive oil and Roast,- length of time depends on how crisp you like them, what you've included and how thick you've cut the pieces, but around about 20-30 mins

When they are cooked, leave to cool slightly while you chop the herbs and mix with juice and dash of olive oil

mix Veg, chickpeas, chopped Feta and dressing together and serve. - Pitta bread is good mopper up of juices

always make more than you want, as it matures really well and is great as a packed gardening lunch the next day.


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