Harvesting and sowing for October
Falling leaves, - turn them into plant food and mulch

Cabbage caterpillars (get off my winter veg)

In the past, I havn't had the room to grow winter vegetables, - my tiny raised beds at my last house only had enough room for my precious winter salads and herbs, and Cabbages, Brussel sprouts and Calabrese take up too much room, but this year i've got some space, - so imagine my horror when I saw that the leaves of my sprouting broccoli were looking like this


I looked closer, wondering if my circle of bran around each plant hadn't kept off the slugs, but then I found these

I do only have 8 plants, so I went through them very carefully, finding a total of 6 caterpillars, which got squashed.  I checked yesterday and there weren't any more, but I will have to be vigilant, the leaves are obviously very tasty to late season caterpillars, and although I know they will (would have) become butterflies, that isn't good enough for them to completely eat my plants.


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