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Cabbage caterpillars (get off my winter veg)

Harvesting and sowing for October


This Sunday, I spent a couple of hours on my veg patch harvesting the last of the late summer crops and putting in more overwintering ones.

My haul consisted of Beetroot, salad potatoes, courgettes, beans, and some wonderful full sized carrots (she says in amazement as it's the first time i've grown any to full size) I also harvested some more of the Matt's Wild Cherry Tomato, which is still going strong in the pot, but the ones in the ground were too far behind, so i've harvested them in the green to ripen on the kitchen window sill.

I planted in their places

Spinach, - which had been growing in guttering in the greenhouse since the end of August.

Onion Sets, - red onion Electric, - these will over winter, and then be ready for harvest in June, so I can then use that space for my beans next year.

Broad beans, - I had a decent crop of Broad beans this year, but i'd like to get more earlier, so i'm trying Aquadulce which is a well known variety and should give me earlier, stouter, more blackfly resistant broad beans

& Lettuce leaves.

I also planted up 4 pots of different lettuce leaves for pots in the greenhouse, and I sowed more lettuce leaves and mizuna. - This will germinate over the next few weeks, but will then stay in my green house as mini plants over the winter and be ready to grow away quickly in February/ early March when the first spring sun shines.


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Fiona Humberstone

lovely picture and bang on brand ;-)

rebecca sweet

wonderful post - just looking at that photo makes me think of a delicious 'Fall' soup!

Claire Brown

now soup is the thing i'm not good at making, but the courgettes went with a thai curry, the carrots were used in several meals (mostly for my son) and the beetroot will be juiced with home grown apples. - Maybe I need a recipe for the potatoes?

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