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Are your Council stars or stinkers when it comes to recycling?

 I'm a keen fan of all kinds of recycling, with compost bins, wormeries and chickens to take some of my waste, but I do find (particularly when it's cold and the compost isn't producing  quite as fast), that have leftovers of Newspapers, food waste and garden waste like leaves, and then it's a lot easier when your Council are also good on the recycling front. I like to give credit where it's due, and Guildford Council started a new recycling scheme at the beginning of November.

So far this scheme has been excellent. As well as newspapers, cardboard, bottles, batteries and clothes, that have been recycled in various bags and boxes over the last few years, we now have a green bucket to take away all our cooked or uncooked kitchen waste.

 All the recycling is collected every week, and in addition green garden waste bags are collected every other week, with the wheelie bin, which is now mostly plastic waste, being collected on alternate weeks.

The only difficulty is remembering whether it's a green bag week or wheelie bin week, but in this age of modern technology they've even come up with a solution to that.

Now every Wednesday evening at 6 PM I get a text to tell me whether I should be putting out my recycling on my rubbish.

If you are in the Guildford Borough Council area and like the idea of receiving a reminder text as well,

here's the link 

 What happens in your area? are your council stars or stinkers when it comes to recycling?


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