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Having been home a bit more over the last 2 weeks, i've been watching the birds in our garden more closely. It helps that as I have to go out to feed the chickens each day, i've been filling up their seed, and changing the water in their bowl, and we've had a lovely variety of small birds feeding.


Now i'm no twitcher, but I used to have colleagues at Wisley, - David and Frank, who were really keen on all kinds of birds and you couldn't help but be enthused by them. - Now I no longer have their useful facts and observations, I use the RSPB website if I want to identify the birds I see

The most common ones I attract to the birdfeeder are various tits and robins, but I did see a flash of red on a visitor last week and using the identifier, I think it was a woodpecker.


Now I had hoped to make my own fat balls, but thankfully via twitter, I had a warning not to use turkey fat as it doesn't solidify properly and is no good for the birds as it tends to turn rancid very quickly, read the full article on what to feed here

Of course seedheads in the garden help to feed the birds, and my lot have been helping themselves to the Sunflower heads that I left in the ground (wasn't just being lazy, honest!)

They've also been helping themselves to the box of windfall apples that got left outside the gate.

Unfortunatly as well as the birds, you can often inadvertently feed Squirrels as well, and if your birds are messy eaters and leave lots of seed around, they can also attract rodents.

I try to avoid this, by bringing in any feed bowls on the ground at night (mainly for the chickens) - raking or sweeping up any spilt seed on a regular basis, keeping seed in strong plastic boxes or metal bins in the shed, and using this squirrel proof feeder.

i'm loving helping out my local birds, - it means that we get to see them close up (from the playroom & kitchen windows) and know more about our local wildlife.

What do you feed your local birds?


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Rebecca Sweet

Lovely post - I'm reading this while in bed, where I look out every morning onto my own bird feeders (which are birdless right now as it's still dark outside!)...love seeing what comes to your feeders over in your neck of the woods!


It's fascinating to see which birds are showing up at your multitude of feeders! They look so endearing! I bet you are learning a lot. And thanks for letting us know about the turkey.

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