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Say it with flowers.

 We had a great party on Saturday night in honour of my husband's birthday.

He got the presents & the cards, but I was very touched by this bunch of flowers which I was presented with, chosen by my friend's three sons. 


They know I'm a keen gardener as I've helped them design borders in their garden and the younger two had great fun helping me shred prunings and plant vegetables earlier in the year. 

 they liked the Thistle so much that they sent mum with instructions to get the Latin name from me.

The flowers were from a local supermarket but the Roses, spider Chrysanthemums and Eryngiums (the blue thistles) can all be grown in any Surrey garden, and receiving this bouquet will definitely encourage me to grow more plants for cutting next year.

Thank you for saying it with flowers.


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Account Deleted

Really like your blog "Say it with flowers" very much. Giving flowers is the best way to express your feelings towards recipient.

Rebecca @ In The Garden

Beautiful bouquet! I also have green spider mums on my kitchen table at the moment, great colour. :) Rebecca

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