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After the Snow

Today has been the first day this January that i've been able to get out in an unsnowy, defrosted garden. it's great to see that the snow has actually sheltered some plants, and that now they are free of their duvet, they can come back to life.

These were Cyclamen coum emerging from the snow today at Wakehurst Place.

Over the next few days it is a good idea to check the plants in your garden, just to make sure that they havn't been damaged by the weight of the snow. These Sarcoccocas had been flattened, but are sure to bounce back

but particularly evergreens such as Conifers and large ivy plants, may not have been so flexible, the Tree Surgeons will have to be out in force over the next few weeks to make some of the larger trees safe

If you have trees or shrubs in your garden that have broken branches, - use sharp secateurs or a pruning saw to cut back to the next shoot, - often that means cutting back to the stem. - This needs to be done before the plant starts into growth in the next few weeks, to ensure no dieback is encouraged into the plant through broken stems.

We've heard a lot about Gritting lorries or lack of them in the news over the last weeks, but if your road was salted, this may have a detrimental effect on the plants near to the road, and to any other plants if the road debris is washed into the ground water. Watch out for plants turning brown, or not coming back into leaf in the spring, - Salt damages plants mainly by ‘stealing’ water from their roots. It is mostly America and Canada where the information for this comes from, so it remains to be seen whether one winter of English snow would kill the plants, - however it was interesting to see the Wakehurst place had put grit on their steps to help give traction.

but what I love about late January is that even though we are still mid winter, there is a promise of spring



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