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Daffodils, - it's a worry

today is the 30th March.

Spring has officially been here a week, and yet after a hard winter, things have not really started sprouting in my garden.

During my walk at Wisley this weekend, I spotted lots of daffodils

These are Narcissus cyclaminius, - they seed easily in the wild, but won't grow in a pot, making them almost impossible to get in your garden

Unknown cream and yellow variety, and a sea of tete a tete.

an orange trumpet variety, - no labels to be found.

Ok, so these are all looking great, so what is my worry, - well tomorrow evening the 31st of March is the West Horsley Horticultural Society Spring show.

Last year, I did rather well at my first try at showing daffodils in the local show, and although this year's HP sauce bottle is plastic, I had spent money on buying some lovely show vases.

I planted hundreds of bulbs last autumn, BUT, hardly any of them are flowering yet, only one of my Hellebores is in flower, (meaning I can't do a mixed floating bowl), and my Kerria which last year was almost over, isn't showing a single flower yet.

I need the sun to shine big time tomorrow. - Any other tips for how to bring out my blooms in only a day?

I'll update you about how I do tomorrow evening, and whether the rest of the hort soc members have had trouble finding booms as well.


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I hope you managed to get some blooms out for the show!

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