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Flowering in March, - Garden Bloggers Bloom day

It's the middle of March, - but here in Surrey although the sun has finally come out, there are very few plants that think it's spring. Looking through the list of Garden Bloggers on the May Dream Gardens website, my flowers in bloom are more like Zone 5 or 6 rather than the zone 9 which we would normally be equivalent too. Lets hope for more sun this week.

Last month, the only thing flowering in the whole garden was the Sarcococca and the Snowdrops


The Sarcococca is still giving whiffs of fragrance, but now there are a few tiny colourful flowers joining them.

There are crocus on the verge out side the gates, - Not as many as I think i've planted, - so will need to add to those in Autumn.

There are several cyclamen coum flowering, - I planted these as corms in the Autumn, which I don't usually recommend as they are better in the green, so i'm hoping these will bulk up over the coming years.

There's just one tiny pink primrose in the back garden, that the chickens were trying to get too, - I've got to make sure I get the ground elder in that border as well!

I'm disappointed that this is my only Hellebore flower so far. I used some very root bound seedlings for this border, so I think they'll take another year to get bulked up enough to flower well.

This is one of only 3 narcissus up so far. The stems are very short, - i'm hoping that the later ones will be better, or I won't be entering anything for the Horticultural show at the end of the month.

So all in all, - Could do better is the verdict for March Bloom Day, - i'll go away and plan for next year.


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Well my selection wasnt much better - wait until April we will have so much to include we wont know where to start!!


It's lovely to see the narcissus - ours won't be out for another week or more.

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