Malvern Show 2010, the start of my show season
Daffodils, - it's a worry

Stachyurus Chinensis and other unusual spring shrubs

We went for a family walk at Wisley yesterday.

As well as lots of wonderful daffodils and plenty of buds for bulbs to come, we saw some pretty impressive spring shrubs, and there was loads of scent in the air.

This was the most impressive shrub, in full flow this weekend

Stachyurus Chinensis - This can get to be a large shrub, and it blends into the background in the summer, but now in early spring, it has got the wow factor.

The camellias were looking great, and the buds & flowers were at their perfect,- havn't gone brown and looked ugly yet stage. My son was sure that these smelt nice, but I couldn't detect any scent.

However. the next 2 were fantastic and created clouds of perfume

Daphne Bholua, which was showing signs of being beaten up by the winter weather, but still had the most fantastic waft of scent. and Edgeworthia Chrysantha, - not available very often, but if I ever have a woodland garden, this will be at the top of my list for being used.

The last one, which I forgot to write down the variety (not one that I recognised) also smelt, - some like the scent others don't, - but when you have flowers like these.....

Ribes, the flowering currant, - and please let me know if you recognise which one.


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The un-named fourth plant in your list is an Edgeworthia chrysantha.

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