Border planting - high colour, low maintenance
Deadheading Daffodils, to improve next year's narsissus.

Harvest for this week w/e 30/04/10


it's been a salad week this week, i've had 2 bunches of cherry belle radishes, spinach leaves, lettuce for 8 portions of salad during the week, and the last of the overwintered coriander. The Mizuna is now over as it has flowered, so is going to be replace with hearting and can can lettuces outside, and tomatoes in the greenhouse.

I've got the rest of the leeks to harvest this weekend as I want to get more broad beans and peas in, - any good leek recipes anyone?


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The Constant Gardener

Hello Claire, leek & potato soup is my favourite (Delia has a good recipe) and I do a mean leek and bacon pasta bake too. I'll email you the recipe if you like :D

by the way I've nominated you for one of those blogging awards if you want to drop by my place and pick it up... :D

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