April, the hungry gap.
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Supporting your flowering performers

In April, spring is here, but, there are still gaps in the border, and although things are now spreading out, it's hard to imagine that they will be filling all the space and flowering their socks off through the summer (and autumn if you've planned your borders right)

This is the time to be supporting those star performers, the plants that may become top heavy through the weight of their blooms.

Over the years, i've collected a multitude of devices for supporting my plants

my tomatoes grow up metal grow spirals, so that I don't have to tie them in


My climbers now have fancy obolisks

and I have various shaped devices for supporting single stems, or keeping unruly foliage off the lawn,

But some of the best devices are fairly cheap

I use old wire hanging baskets to give some support to individual perennials (they also keep some animals off until they are big enough to fend for themselves) - these are great for Sedums, Gaura, Geraniums, and Phlox.

If you have climbers against a fence, or Roses that can become very top heavy when flowering, use vine eyes and wire to create a support network. Don't use wire to tie in the plants though. That will cut through the stems as they grow. - I use Flexitie.

I also had a go last year at using Hazel boughs coppiced from local common ground. I used them to support my Runner beans, but unfortunately, our beans were rather prolific, and it couldn't take the weight.

Peas sticks are also widely used by RHS and National trust properties, but that's probably because they have good sources of them, and have people adept at weaving lovely shaped arches and tepees for their prized performers. - Maybe one day i'll learn how, - until then i'll be out with my upside down baskets, canes and flexitie.


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