Daffodils, - it's a worry
1st Planting at Grace and Flavour

West Horsley Horticultural Society Spring Show - or, I nearly won the cup!

After all my panicking yesterday about whether i'd have anything to show, I managed to get together a fairly decent set of entries for last night.

My daffodils weren't abundant in the garden, but I managed a group 2 (sepals bigger than trumpet), a group 4 (Double), a triandrus (2 headed tete a tete), and a potted arrangement.


I also had the only tulips to be seen, - wish i'd written down which variety they were when i'd planted them.


I took some leucojum stems, to enter for the 3 stems of other bulbs, but although they looked great in the garden, when I got to the village hall, the competition was fierce and the other leucojums looked bigger and better than mine.

There were several vases of hyacinths added to this class after I took this photo, but I only had 2 of each colour flowering in the garden (blue and white) so didn't have enough for the 3 stems.

When I went to set up, William was with me, - he was impressed by the flowers and loved the pretty vases (someone suggested we should have a prettiest vase category as well!), I asked him if he thought my blooms were good enough to win, - his reply, - of course mummy, but it's not the winning it's the taking part that counts! 


With the hall set up, we retreated to let the judge make his decisions.

We returned at 7.30 for Sherry and supper (yes the choice of aperitif does indicate the average age of the society members!)

The members of WHHS may be mature bunch, but they all have fantastic gardening enthusiasm and knowledge, and are very friendly, so conversation flowed about how awful the weather is, what plants have been affected, tips for slug removal and many other local garden related hints.

By the time several bottles of sherry had been consumed, the noise level had risen and we were allowed into the hall to see who had been judged as winners in each class.

My class 2 daffodil got a first, My double wasn't placed (not far enough out of bud) My Tete a tete triandrus got a third, my tulips were 1st (they were the only tulips!) the leucojums which I almost took home with me, the judge obviously liked my blue vase, and I got third, and my pot of tete a tete got a first.

6 entries, 5 placings and 3 firsts.

The evening supper was excellent, - A fantastic salad buffet with Ham, Turkey, Quiche and Coronation chicken was polished off.The homemade puddings were amazing, and no chocolate in sight, which meant I could choose from all of them - Kiwi Trifle won. Conversation at dinner covered a huge number of subjects, Gardening of course, Morgan cars, children and grandchildren, and even a bit of politics, thank you to Angela, Bob and Heather for welcoming me and being so sharing of their wine.

When everyone was replete, Mr Peach our judge, gave some excellent hints and tips about why the winners had got their prizes, and then the cups and best in show were awarded. - I was runner up in the bulb classes along with the chairman, so i've got my sights on the cup!. The best in show was awarded to Anne Tutt for some fantastic floating double hellebores (snuck in after i'd taken my pictures) 

So now i'm planning my entries for the other 2 shows of the year, and William will be entering the childrens classes. If you havn't thought of entering a horticultural show before, i'd highly recommend it, - i've had great fun planning and preparing the plants, and gardening people are always a friendly welcoming bunch, - Any tips for me as to how I get my hands on that cup next year? (I know it's the taking part that counts!)

Notes for myself for next year. -

Stock up on the bottles for vases in January, and don't recycle them the week before!

Get feeding those Hellebores, i've got lots of work to do to compete with the best in show winner

Grow daffodils for the other 3 classes, and put in clumps of them so I have a choice of which to pick

Bring the doubles in the day before to have them open enough for the show

Don't bring the tulips in until the afternoon, to make sure they haven't blown for next year.

Grow a pot plant


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Well done! especially after panicking yesterday. That'a a great set of results.

Robert Webber

Well done, what a good start to a showing career!
Next stop Chelsea and there's Jekka's sixty Show Firsts to be beaten!
Only joking.
Nice thing you brought forward is the fellowship of it.

Claire Brown

don't think i'd ever want the stress of a big show, not going for Jekka;s crown, but it was fun getting them all together.

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