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Bank holiday weekends are for - digging out compost

About this time of year, I need more compost. My tomato plants are itching to be in bigger pots, my overwintered salad is exhausted, and I need more good stuff to plant into.

Luckily I always have compost bins at the bottom of the garden, that are just waiting to give up their overwintered black gold.

Last Autumn, we replaced our lovely wooden bins with an extra plastic darlek, and a compost tumbler. Our grass cuttings, surplus apples (there are 2 huge trees next door, I did make chutney and have an apple a day through to December honest!) shrub prunings, chicken manure and our kitchen waste were all added in.

After a few months, we now have the end results.

The tumbled stuff was a lot wetter and darker than the plastic bin compost, - I used this for mulching on the vegetable patch.

The Darlek bin compost was sieved with my tumbling machine

This is an electric rotary sieve, that is an expensive piece of kit, but means you can empty a full compost bin in less than an hour. - The sieved stuff drops through into the wheelbarrow below, the large un composted lumps fall out the end to be returned to the bin for another couple of months.

This compost is really rich and very easy to plant in, and I had 2 wheelbarrows full, enough for all my tomatoes and peppers, which I grow ring culture style in recycled florists tubs. 


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