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One Handed Weeding

By May, the evenings are long and light, the garden is looking and smelling gorgeous, and evening /after work wandering outside with a glass of something soothing is possible.

Unfortunately the weeds are also doing their hardest to overtake the garden, and seed all over your precious borders.

The good news is that most (not all) of the fastest growers are annuals, and are shallow rooted, which means you can pull them out with one hand, while wandering.

Sticky Weed , is one of the quickest spreading, but can be easily pulled out.

weeds with rosettes like these are easy to pull out, and speedwell and chickweeds can also be destroyed one handed


Herb robert, which is a geranium is also one which grows to a large size very quickly, but can be yanked out from the centre. Just getting rid of these can clear your borders out very quickly.

getting together a pile of weeds in 5 minutes each evening can be very satisfying, but better than that, it prevents the annuals seeding, which means you'll have more time for drinking later in the season.


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Robert Webber

Very good point!
Was going to post on this myself so you have saved me the trouble.
Pulling means disturb least soil so preventing further germination in the soil as well.
Need good weed recognition re annual perennial nature of each weed type.
But even pulling the heads off perennial weeds is a start!
Great stuff, plantpassion!

Claire Brown

yes admit you need good weed recognition, amazing how difficult it is to take decent photos of weeds that are all over the place. All too often people ignore that one weed by the wall that is just about to seed and become several hundred, and heh, any excuse to have a wander with a glass of wine!

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