Deadheading Daffodils, to improve next year's narsissus.
Bank holiday weekends are for - digging out compost

Totally Tulip

ok, I admit it, I may have gone a bit over the top on Tulips this year.

last year, I got a great show in my front border


I had a lovely message from a client who drives past regularly - "just to say that your front garden looks lovely, but then if yours doesn't, there's no hope for anyone else"

and not to be content to sit on my laurels, I added some more this year.

and was very pleased that last year's seemed to come back strongly as well (worm wee helped I think!)

these reminded me of the fantastic tulips in my Wedding bouquet.

And these seemed rather patriotic with a red stripe.

these are planted in my layered pot, by the front door, that I wrote about in November, the tete a tete daffodils finished a couple of weeks ago, and the thalia narsissus are just going over.

My Tulips have been flowering since the 30th March. These were the first ones to come out, which I plundered for the West Horsley Horticultural Show


then my Spring Green, flowered alongside the Hyacinths, - which gave a lovely colour contrast.

i've got a huge bright red clump by my front window. - very colourful, but proof that I was hugely lazy, and only dug one very deep hole for the entire packet.


At some time over the next couple of weeks, after they've been well fed and watered, I need to dig them up, and mix them in with some other colours to make them look slightly more natural, - and that goes for this combination as well

which would look lovely if the orange and purple were mixed in together.

In fact, just like I managed to do in a client garden, with tulips Dordogne, Queen of the Night and another. (which should have been Queen of the night, but was rather different!!!)

and this was another client colour combination, with white & purple triumphator.


ok, so well done if you've got this far,I did say i'd gone totally tulip mad - only one more piccy to go, - anyone know what this variety is? - This is one lone tulip in a bed i've just planted in Silvers, oranges and purples. - It goes with the theme perfectly, so if anyone can identify it.....



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I LOVE TULIPS! Right now I have over 1300 tulips in my garden.

I really like your triumphators. I saw a couple other colors of these shaped tulips at the landscape arboretum today, and they are definitely going on my list for the fall.

That last one is a very lovely shade, but I can not identify the variety.

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