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Alliums - Purple, showy onions

I really like the colour of purple alliums, and i've used them in garden borders that i've planted, since I first started designing with plants, but this year is the first time i've had a really decent display of Alliums in my garden.

The Allium Purple sensation, are now over (this pic was taken at Chelsea last year), but I think that they still look fantastic when they go green

I'm going to cut these and dry them, and spray them silver for Christmas decorations.

up to this year, my favourite variety was Christophii

Allium Christophii
Slightly later flowering than the Purple sensation, and not quite as tall, which makes it perfect for growing in pots.

But it's been taken over this year by these great Allium Schubertii, which are currently gracing my front border, but are planted far too close together, and need to be moved for next year.

I also have some tall white Alliums, - that have lost their label, - anyone know which one they are likely to be? (over now like the purple sensation)

The only down side of Alliums is that by the time they are flowering, the foliage is all tattly, but I've got plans to plant even more this Autumn, and i'll be planting them through my Gaura, and Lavender so the foliage is hidden. Any suggestions for more varieties to look out for at the shows this summer?


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Alliums are gorgeous plants, and you have a good variety! I never thought about planting them in pots. It's an interesting idea!Thank you!


Drumstick alliums are wonderful and really no foliage to speak of:)

Claire Brown

Tatyana, yes i've got Christophii in a pot with a small clematis, the purple and blue look lovely - must find a photo of that.

Tina, yes I like the colour Spherocephalon, but they flower so much late than the others, I forget they are alliums!


Hi Claire. A bit belated but I suspect the tall (up to 36") white one is A. Mount Everest. FAB.

Claire Brown

Thanks Frank, - I got them from Wisley, so i'm sure you're right.

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