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How to keep your plants flowering all summer

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, flowering in my garden June 10

Wow, I almost missed this bloom day, I've been so busy gardening for clients today, - but at this time of year the daylight is almost still with us (after 9pm as I write) so I popped out this evening to catch what's blooming in my garden.

Just to warn you that the photos aren't up to standard, as my Nikon D50 is on it's way out, and is stuck in automatic mode. - My spanking new upgrade to a D90 is winging its way to me by citylink as I write.

i'll start this month off with Roses. I inherited all but one of these when I arrived in this garden, so I don't know their names, - any ideas please let me know.

i'm now on Season 3 in this garden, and this winter I got the roses back into proper shape with some nifty pruning in between the snow, - and they are rewarding me fantastically.

I thought this one was a climber, so it has an obolisk to grow up, but its being very obstinate and just staying at about 1metre, and flowering lots,

This is the one I know the name- Boule de Neige, - it was a reject from a client planting about 3 years ago, - it sat in a pot for about 14 months, - but now it seems quite happy.

I obviously didn't get the pruning right on these roses, - the single white flower at the front, is the root stock for the white rose in the background. - need to take out all those reverting shoots this autumn, but in the meantime, the flowers are pretty together.

and this Rose is borrowed from my neighbour.

I often plant Clematis with Roses, but in my garden, the clematis are separate, and those flowering now, are in a pot

My Lavender Hidcote is looking lovely, but my clients today was looking even better, - so the photo is of hers!

The pinks are in full flow, - Penstemon Garnet, Lychnis, and the first Gaura Rosy Jane

and at last the purple blue of the Campanula glomorata is showing, - i'm sure this was earlier last year.

My shady bed has lots of hostas doing their thing, the ferns have been hit by the dry weather recently, but the Astrantia Rubra, and the lighter coloured Shaggy are doing well


I've also got several other types of Campanula flowering, Erigeron Karvinskianus, there are still some Aqueligias showing colour, My Paeonias have been a disaster, with only a couple of blooms, both of which were rained on before they really opened properly, but my success on the flower front in the back garden, are my peas, broad beans, runner beans strawberry and tomato flowers, which all herald food over the coming months.

Do your magic bees.


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Mr. McGregor's Daughter

Sorry, I'm no help with the Roses. They are looking fabulous. I'm in serious danger of becoming a Penstemon collector - 'Garnet' is such a great color. Bet you can see it across the garden.
BTW - you asked about ninebark. I usually give the Latin name, sorry about that. It's Physocarpus opulifolius. I have the cultivar 'Monlo' (Diablo), the big one with the dark foliage.


That lavender is beautiful. I like big patches of lavender. I finally figured out how to grow it in my garden and hope to have a big patch soon!

Claire Brown

I think the secret to great lavander is to cut it back on the August bank holiday weekend, - any later, and you're cutting off some of the buds for the next year and setting it back from when it would start flowering. - also, only give a haircut no hard pruning

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