Alliums - Purple, showy onions
Using up the Chives

Harvest for this week w/e 13/06/10

The Salad and herbs have continued for the last week, with the overwintered lettuces now all used up, but no problems because the spring grown crops have taken over big time. - About 10 portions of lettuce leaves, made up of Mixed leaves, Rocket, Can Can, Cos and the first of the Lollo rosso. As well as the last of the current radishes, and the first of the baby carrots, plus pea tips. Herb wise, Mint is growing visibly at the moment, and Lemon Verbena, Lemon Balm and Thyme, as well as both French and curled Parsley have been used in plentiful amounts, plus i've picked Chervil and Fennel and Dill leaves to go with my salads.

The first of the Broad beans are now ready, (Aqua Dulce Claudia) and we ate them mixed with peas (frozen unfortunately, another couple of weeks until ours are ready) and steamed with mint. Despite objections from my son who wants to see what the flowers are like, i've harvested all but one of the leeks from his bed.

William has also started on his summer of scrumping, as the Strawberries and Raspberries are ripening. - I managed to pick a hummous size tubful of Strawberries to go on my cereals this week, but I was too late to get the first 5 raspberries today, -


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