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Harvest for this week w/e 27/06/10

This week i've been doubly lucky, because as well as the harvest from my garden, i've also had my first harvest from the Grace and Flavour Garden.

From Chez Brown, we've had

2 large hearting lettuces, (a good full size plate of salad for 4) plus salad leaves for another 6 portions including baby spinach. Herbs, - chives, parsley, mint (for pimms and cous cous)and Rosemary. More broad beans. The first of the sugar snap peas, which were used in a recipe with large Cous cous, and were delicious cooked on the griddle pan. Mini carrots - 4 William sized portions, 6 Garlic heads, - not as large as i'd like, but I need that space, so I can't wait until they are full size. 2 bowls of Strawberries and a bowl or raspberries which has been eaten with breakfast cereal- (plus a few which have been scrumped when my back was turned)

Then on Saturday before my parents came over for an evening bbq, I went to do 1/2 hours weeding at Grace and Flavour. My time was richly rewarded, as there was an excellent harvest being given away, and I got fresh new potatoes, radishes, rocket and a cucumber at vastly discounted prices. (The elderflowers were free on the way home, and are now cordial)


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